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Yoga Health Benefits for Women

Yoga Health Benefits for Women


Yoga is an important and beneficial technique for both men and women. Regular practice helps improve flexibility, tone muscles, mental clarity, spine health and improve blood circulation. However, some aspects of yoga are helpful for women’s health.

 Despite it helping you improve how you feel during the day, it can also help ease symptoms related to hormonal shifts and other health crises like breast cancer. It also boosts mental health and helps relieve the stress brought by the multiple hats that women wear. Below are the health benefits of yoga for women.


Hormonal Help

It is no secret, but hormones can mess around with your feelings. Depending on your cycle, you may feel energetic, less energetic, have mild cramps or feel incapacitated and fatigued.

With yoga, you can navigate the bad feelings brought by your cycle and help ease uterus contractions that cause cramps. During menopause, yoga can help you deal with the many changes the body is going through. It will make you know when to take deep breaths especially during the hot flashes that bring about discomfort.

Regular yoga practice help relieves other unpleasant side effects like insomnia, depression and mood swings. It also brings about mental focus, helps you not to be forgetful.

Health Crises

Yoga is the best medicine when it comes to health crises. It is the best medicine for anxiety that is bought by poor health. In short, yoga helps improve symptoms and helps with the healing process.

99% of breast cancer suffers are women. With continuous practice of yoga, it can help reduce the symptoms and lead you to the road to recovery. It is important to continue with treatment as much yoga is still good medicine.

Studies show that cancer survivors suffering from persistent fatigue reported great improvement after yoga intervention. Remember, yoga cannot cure the disease but can help if you are afflicted.

Anxiety and Stress

Women by far get more stressed than men. This research is showed and published in psychiatry and Neuroscience 2015 issue. Yoga is the best medicine for treating these mental conditions as it helps the rain release feel-good chemicals. This chemicals help mitigate the stress response.

Posture and Awareness

Naturally, yoga teaches your body to engage muscles that you might have forgotten about. In short, yoga helps contract and stabilize muscles helping you stand tall. This helps you look more confident and look healthy.

Yoga helps maintain a healthy weight. It helps you burn the excess calories. It is not all about losing weight, but yoga helps create mindfulness that helps you make the right dietary choices and maintain a healthy weight.


How to prepare yourself for a yoga session

Before you start yoga session, you should be well prepared both mentally and physically. It may seem like you should put on a designer yoga headgear before the yoga session, but this nothing but an imagination. You should wear apparels that you are comfortable in. Here is a guide on what to wear.

  • Shoes: You do not need any classy shoes for your yoga lesson. Mostly, yoga is done barefoot. You may get yourself yoga socks or shoes just in case you have a medical condition. But if you feel uncomfortable taking off your shoes, you can go ahead and wear yoga socks. These socks have non slip grips at the bottom to help grab the mat and prevent you from slipping.
  • Pants: We have different types of yoga pants in the market today. With these yoga pants, you are assured of comfort. Avoid pants that do not stretch. For example, Summer Beach Bohemian Pants Women are one of the best yoga pants available in the market. This pants are loose, high waisted and do not fall every time you stretch.
  • Tops: A little-fitted shirts work best for yoga tops. Big and baggy t-shirts are not the best since they will slide down every time you bend over. If you did not know, yoga involves a lot of bending over. Sleeveless tops are the best since they give you the freedom of arm and shoulder movement.