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GoGo Gripper carry products easily and reduce risks

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Use one hand to carry plywood, sheetrock, MDF, melamine, sheet metal, and other sheet goods, lift them up with the GoGo Gripper! It's a construction tool that allows you to lift large panels of wood from the top with less strain and reduce risks of injury.

This product works by clamping onto the material, creating a temporary handle for the person who is carrying, without bending over avoiding pains that are familiar to construction workers. Labor-saving, Back-saving with the new GoGo Gripper!

  • Ruggedly built; indestructible
  • Increases carrying capability, with a soft-cushioned handle that serves as a lever, using the weight of the panel to create a clamping force
  • The clamp adjusts to any width, self-adjusting to the thickness of the material
  • Reduces strain on back, neck, shoulders & arms

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